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  • Why is the amount on my credit card statement slightly different from the cost of service?
    Tera-byte Dot Com Inc. is a Canadian company but the majority of our clients are not located in Canada thus the currency we charge in is based on your location. Canadian clients are charged in Canadian Dollars and are charged the appropriate taxes, anyone else is charged in US Dollars (We charge in US dollars by default for non-Canadian clients as most non-Canadians are familiar with that currency.)

    If you are Canadian and are charged in CDN Dollars or if you are in the US and are charged in US Dollars there will not be a discrepancy however if you are charged in a currency that is not native to the country in which you live then there may be a small discrepancy due to the fact that there is usually a delay between the time we process the charge to your credit card and the time your credit card company applies the charge to your account. During this delay, there is a possibility that the exchange rate has changed slightly, so when your credit card company converts the price to your currency there may be a slight variation in the end amount.

    The variation is usually minimal and evens out in the end. Sometimes it works in your favor (so you pay a tiny bit less) and sometimes it doesn't (so you pay a tiny bit more.)

  • Pricing and Taxes
    Canadians are the only clients affected by taxes in regards to accounts at Tera-byte. If you are Canadian, please read a bit further.

    By law, we are required to charge Canadian Residents 5% GST on all services offered at Tera-byte. GST is broken out on our invoices for your accounting records.

  • My credit card statement shows Tera-byte but I don't know who you are...
    Tera-byte does the billing for the following web-sites: tera-byte.com, 4webspace.com, redirection.net, spaceports.com and tbwifi.ca. If you purchased any services from one of the sites listed, the biller will appear as Tera-byte on your statement.

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Domain Name Registrations

  • I received a letter from Domain Name Registries of America/Canada/... saying my domain name is about to expire....
    Tera-byte Dot Com Inc. has no affiliation with the "Domain Name Registries of ....." companies. If you read through the small print of the letter carefully, you will see that by filling out the form and sending it to the specified address along with payment, you are requesting that your domain name be transferred to a different Domain Name Registraar.

    You are entitled to choose which registraar holds your domain name. Please be aware that prices and rules/regulations vary registraar to registraar.

    Tera-byte does not send out snailmail, all reminders for Tera-byte Services are sent via email to the administrative contact on file.

    If you need to renew your domain name and wish to keep your domain name with Tera-byte, just go to our site's main page and in the bottom left corner you will see a link to renew your domain name.

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Shared Hosting

  • I just ordered a shared hosting account, how do I get my information so I can access my site?
    Once you have submitted your order, it is placed in our order database and assigned an ID. For clients ordering via credit card, the order is charged out and the account set up. The final step of the set-up is an account information email being sent to the email address listed for the administrative contact. This email contains all the information you need for your account including ip address (where applicable), login information, location of admin interface etc.

    If a charge is declined by a credit card company, you will be sent an email notifying you of the problem.

    Clients paying by Money Order or Check, please note that we will not set up the account until the payment has been received. Once payment is received, the account is set-up the same way as for credit card clients including the information email being sent.

  • My CGI doesn't work!
    We do not support 3rd party scripts however some common basic problems and their solutions are listed below:

    • Incorrect permissions on a script or the directory containing it can prevent a script from functioning. Make sure all cgi scripts that are to be run are executable. Your FTP program will have a tool to make these changes. It will be called "CHMOD" or perhaps even simply "Permissions". Make sure the script has the Execute/Executable option checked. The folder containing the script must have the same permissions.
    • The opening line of all perl CGI scripts must commence with the correct path to the Perl interpreter: #!/usr/bin/perl Any other path will generate an error.
    • Make sure that you have uploaded the script in ASCII (text) mode. Scripts uploaded in Binary will not function.
    • Some of our shared hosting plans require that CGI scripts be placed in a provided cgi-bin directory. If such a directory exists in your account, try placing the script there.
    If you have verified that you have followed these recommendations and the script still fails to work, please e-mail support@tera-byte.com.

  • How do I collect my email from my account hosted with you?
    You will need to configure an e-mail client to collect your e-mail. We have tutorials available for a couple of different e-mail programs here.

    Some of our shared hosting plans offer web-based e-mail. If you are on such a plan, you can use your browser to check your e-mail. Log in to your admin site, there will be a link to the webmail program if this is the case.

  • How do I pick the right hosting package for me?
    We have a plan selection tool available here. If you are unsure what a particular aspect of a given plan is, or have questions that are not adequately answered there, please use the link below to send us a follow-up e-mail. support@tera-byte.com

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Colocation / Dedicated Hosting

  • What are colocated /dedicated servers?
    Colocated and Dedicated Servers are single servers that are managed entirely by the client.

    Colocated servers are servers that are owned by the client and sent to our location so as to take advantage of our connections to the internet. This includes our multi-homed access, larger pipe, and 24/7 monitoring.

    Dedicated servers are servers that are owned by Tera-byte Dot Com Inc but fully administrated by the client.

  • What are colocation rooms / closets?
    Colocation rooms and closets are essentially private, climate-controlled rooms that are usually used by clients with multiple colocated/dedicated servers.

    The difference between colocated rooms and closets is just size. A closet holds 1 rack. Rooms can hold multiple racks, how many racks depends on the size of the room.

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  • How long has Tera-byte been in business?
    Tera-byte Dot Com Inc originally started as Tera-byte Online Services in 1997 providing commercial hosting. We have steadily grown since then due to our philosophy of a quaility product for a quality price.

    In 1999 we incorporated and became Tera-byte Dot Com Inc and we are still growing at a steady rate. In August 2007, we expanded our floorspace for the 8th time. We now occupy the old train station under the CN Tower in Edmonton which affords several advantages over our previous location on the 9th floor. Not only did we gain more space but it lowered some of our base utility costs (which will allow us to keep our pricing low for you). Not to mention that a terminal for an offfice makes for cool digs both literally (a requirement for computers) and figuratively :)

  • How often does Tera-byte update its technology?
    Our Resource and Development program is always looking for way to improve existing services and add new services while keeping costs as low as possible for the end-user.

  • When I phone in for support, I get asked to email my problem to support, why?
    Support issues generally breakdown into 2 categories. General and non-general.

    General questions are easily answered over the phone, ie questions regarding your account, requests to reboot a server, questions regarding renewals etc.

    Non-general questions are questions that require the exchange of complex or secure information. This can include relaying of exact error messages, reporting an unusual occurance, problems that are related to systems that are governed by specific sets of rules (coding, case-sensitive systems etc). In these cases, we will ask that you email in the information so as to elimate outside sources of error such as misspelling, missed bit of critical information etc which significantly increase the time it takes to resolve the issue you are having.

    We will also ask you to email if you require key changes to your account for authorization purposes.

  • SSL's - What are they for and how do I get one?
    SSL certificates are used to encrypt and secure information between a site viewer and the server hosting the site. Most often this is to prevent credit card information or login information from being intercepted and read by third parties.

    We offer purchase and installation services for SSL certificates for $160.00 CDN per year. If you require this service of us, please e-mail us. Be sure to include the domain name to which you wish to associate the certificate.

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